Adam Greenfader

Adam Greenfader


LovePhotoLove is photo-art dedicated to the hospitality and commercial industry.

Adam Greenfader started shooting photographs at age 13 at the Desert Sun School in Idyllwild, California. He studied under Bill Hardy (currently the curator of the Warner Gallery), and his work began to developed an inspiration from natural beauty. He developed his talent by taking photographic expeditions throughout California with his schoolmates and eventually travelled to Cuba, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

Adam Greenfader continued with his formal studies and delved into mastering dark room techniques at Clark University. As a dark room intern, he established a unique black & white colorization process that won him many awards and accolades. He thereafter moved to Paris, France, to study at the Université de La Sorbonne. This “French Period” would be instrumental in shaping Adam Greenfader’s views about composition and color. While in France, Adam had the opportunity to live with many contemporary artists at a small pension off the Luxembourg gardens. He became intoxicated by the garden’s “movable feast” of flowers and fauna.

His passion for colors drew Adam to the Caribbean where he established himself as a creative leader, visionary, and expert at utilizing images for commercial purposes. In 1998, he launched an innovative social network (precursor to facebook) called Vidacool. Adam’s provocative use of digital images led to his expansion into Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Miami, Los Angeles, and Puerto Rico. He developed strategic alliances with AOL, Pearson Media, and Saatchi & Saatchi. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, AT&T, GM, and Maybelline.

As an internet expert, creative director, and photographer, Adam Greenfader began creating mixed-media campaigns for the real estate sector. This blitzkrieg of images, has allowed Adam to produce award winning campaigns and innovative projects. In 2015, Adam and his Miami-Lifestyle team won the “Most Innovative Marketing Award”, by the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Today, Adam has combined his long-standing sensitivity to art with urban realism. His latest works include the dynamic mélange of reflections, palm trees, and graffiti. These works draw inspiration from the colors of the city with the beauty of macro detail in the flora.